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The combination bolt lock? When we first saw this we were we were puzzled! and went away. Then we thought about it and went back. Simple, genius. Its Not Cheap, but cheaper than a Yale or Mortice lock to supply & fit, and can be fitted to doors that cannot take those type of locks. Despite what the manufactures say, this lock is best for keeping "honest people out". I doubt it would withstand a sledgehammer, crowbar or chainsaw, but it is as strong as the door and the fixings it is fitted too. The more you think about this lock, the greater its uses. To keep people out of areas that are unsafe, private, confidential, etc. People who know the combination can get access, those who don't, cannot! Its is ideal for office use, youth clubs, social groups, child care providers, etc. And you dont need lots of keys!

Have a think on this one, and you may come to the same conclusions as us.


Unique recodable locking bolt The SQUIRE Combi-Bolt is a unique patented recodable combination locking bolt that is completely rustproof. Simple to use and install‚ the Combi-Bolt’s high-pick resistance and 10‚000 code options give high quality security for doors and hatches‚ indoors and out. The solid construction and benefit of ’no keys to lose’ are just two of the features that make the Combi-Bolt an essential purchase for anyone requiring security and peace of mind. Recommended for Vehicles‚ beach huts‚ boats‚ internal doors‚ sheds and gates‚ up and over garage doors‚ etc. No Keys to Lose Die-cast with black powder coat finish 10‚000 code options Security Patented screws provided Benefits Simple to use High pick resistance Die-cast black‚ chrome or brass finishes Lockable in open and closed positions for extra security 10‚000 code options Patented Rustproof Available in 3 finishes Brass‚ Chrome and Black Suitable for Harsh Environments

Combination Bolt Lock